Questions & Answers

General Questions

What is House Smart Technology Group Limited?

House Smart Technology Group Limited is an officially registered company that has headquarters in the United Kingdom. Office address: 33 Ovington Square, Chelsea, London, United Kingdom, SW3 1LJ. Company registration number: 12317150.

What is your company engaged in?

House Smart Technology Group Limited is engaged in the construction and arrangement of houses, offices, and other premises with modern systems called “smart home”.

Does the HSTechnology investment platform have protection?

HSTechnology investment platform uses a licensed script and has protection put by the best specialists. All transferred data of program participants is encrypted with a reliable SSL certificate. The protection of our server from DDoS attacks is provided by DDoS Guard, a famous company in the field.

Who can become a member of the HSTechnology investment program?

Any person of legal age who does not violate the laws of the country of his/her jurisdiction can become a participant of the HSTechnology investment program. We have no other restrictions.

How can I start earning money with HSTechnology?

First, you need to undergo a simple registration procedure and specify the reliable data that you want to keep in a safe place. After successful registration, each participant can immediately start earning by investing money in our company or through the Affiliate program.

Are there risks of losing money?

All kinds of businesses are associated with certain risks. Investment activity is no exception. Our company is officially registered in the UK. All partners' funds are protected by the capital of House Smart Technology Group Limited Company, due to which there is almost no risk of losing invested funds!

Do I have to pay to take part in the investment program?

No. Participation in the project and the provision of investment services are free. We are working on completely transparent conditions, so we have no hidden requirements and commissions fees.


How to make a deposit?

To create a deposit in the personal account, go to the Create a deposit section, select the investment tariff and payment system that is suitable for you. Enter the amount and click “Create a deposit”. Next, follow cues that would vary depending on the selected payment method.

What payment methods do you accept?

For the convenience of investors, we have connected such payment processors as Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The list can be supplemented as the program develops.

What are the minimum and maximum investment amounts?

To participate in the investment program, you should invest at least $10. The maximum investment amount is $100,000.

Can I create multiple deposits?

Our partners are not limited both in the choice of investment plans and in the number of active deposits.

When will I receive my main deposit?

It depends on the selected investment proposal. You can find detailed information about it in the Investments section.

When will my deposit be activated?

When investing through dollar payment processors, the deposit is activated instantly. When depositing funds using cryptocurrencies, your investment will start making a profit after three confirmations in the Blockchain network.

Withdrawal of Funds

How to withdraw your profits from HSTechnology?

Go to the Withdraw funds section, select the payment system with the help of which you made a deposit, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and create a withdrawal request by clicking “Pay”. Pay attention to the minimum withdrawal amounts.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

To order a payout, your account must have a minimum of $0.50 for Perfect Money, Payeer and $5 for cryptocurrencies.

Can I deposit from one payment system and order withdrawal to another one?

No. Payments are made only to the payment system with the help of which the deposit was made. There are no exceptions.

How quickly will I receive my funds?

Applications are processed daily, in the period from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We try to process applications as quickly as possible. In some cases, the waiting time for withdrawal can be up to 48 hours.

Do you charge a fee for withdrawing funds?

We do not have any withdrawal fees.

Affiliate Program

Do you have an Affiliate program?

Yes. Commission fee from investments of attracted partners is 6% - 2% - 1%. The detailed information is available in the Affiliate section.

How can one start earning with the Affiliate program?

To start earning on the Affiliate program, you need to create an account in the HSTechnology program. Upon registration, in your account, you will find your personal affiliate link and other promotional materials that you need to use to attract new members to our program. You can use any available methods and formats of advertising. The only exception is SPAM. Attracting partners to our company with the help of SPAM is strictly prohibited!

Is it necessary to have an active deposit to participate in the Affiliate program?

You do not need to have direct investments to participate in the program and receive affiliate rewards.

Can I invest profits received due to the participation in the Affiliate program?

Yes. You can increase your profit by investing in the funds received from the Affiliate program.

My referral has made a deposit. When will I get my referral reward?

You will get the referral reward as soon as the partner attracted by you makes a deposit.

Other Questions

Can I change my personal data?

Such data as password and full name can be changed/edited in the Settings section. For security reasons, email address and payment details cannot be changed independently. To do this, contact our technical support team.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

You can recover your password yourself or contact our technical support team.

Can I create multiple accounts on HSTechnology?

No. This is strictly forbidden! According to paragraph 3.6 of the project Rules, participants are allowed to have only one active account.

Are cryptocurrency rates on the platform fixed?

Yes. All deposits and payments using cryptocurrencies are made at a fixed rate. For Bitcoin, it is 6000$, for Ethereum — 130$, for Litecoin — 40$ (the list can be supplemented in the future).

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support team. Our experts will respond to you as soon as possible. Customer support team work hours are 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.